Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jeffrey Solomon, Democrat

for Florida House of Representatives #115

James Schulman Florida House District 115 Elections  Florida Voting Congress District 115

Florida House of Representatives District 115.Florida House of Representatives District 115. Florida House of Representatives District 115. Florida House of Representatives District 115.

Healthcare as a Human Right

As a health care provider for 35 years I have been a crusader of health and wellness for all Floridians. I support and advocate for a progressive health care system that ensures quality and guaranteed health care for all. I will fully support reduced insurance costs, and deductibles, as well as providing Medicaid expansion for Florida most needy citizens.

Responsible Gun Ownership and Common Sense Gun Safety

We must have responsible gun ownership and take reasonable actions to address and decrease gun violence. Policies must be created to better regulate background screenings of all gun purchases. We need laws that regulate all semi-automatic weapons, armor piercing ammunition, high capacity bullet clips, and bump stocks or any accessory that simulates the ability of a fully automatic weapon. We must also increase mental health funding.

Free, Accessible, Equitable, and Quality Public Education

High-quality, free and accessible public education from pre-K through high school is fundamental to our community’s economic growth and combating the growing income inequality that threatens our quality of life. I support legislation that seeks to strengthen oversight of charter schools and return control to local school districts. I support investment in trade and technical schools and efforts to direct students who are not going to college to enroll in trade and technical schools so they can be competitive in our 21st century economy.

Economic Justice & Prosperity for all Floridians

I am committed to investments in job creation and training, a living wage, fair compensation, paid sick and family leave, collective bargaining rights, green job creation, investment in our crumbling infrastructure, and policies that aim to address economic and social inequality by ensuring that working people receive their fair share.

Open Primaries

Nearly 1/3 of Florida's citizens are disenfranchised from voting in primaries while their taxes pay for primary elections. They are sick of hyper-partisan, wing nut politics, and have quit their respective parties. Over 20 states have open primaries. Florida needs open primaries so that more people can exercise their rights to participate in the choice of who gets elected into public office.

Environmental Justice and Keeping Public Florida's Land and Beaches

 We must invest in renewable solar and wind energy sources, because moving Florida’s power grid to renewable sources will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and their associated human health impacts while improving economic opportunity in Florida. I oppose hydraulic fracturing, acid fracturing and well-stimulation (fracking); and the construction, operation, and funding of the Sabal Trail. I support protecting ownership of Florida's public lands and beaches.

Traffic & Transportation

Miami-Dade’s economy is at risk due to the lack of reliable mass transit. I have a proven track record as a strong advocate of expanding transit service in Miami-Dade. I understand the need for affordable and reliable transit options and will fight to expand service into our southern and western communities.


I support DACA and making sure that those who came to the country as children have the right to go to school. I also believe that Trump's policy of separating children from their families at the border is an atrocity and a human rights violation. Those who come into this country legally should be given an equal and fair chance to succeed.